Deep Thought

a progressive rock adventure

Reviews - Somewhere in the dark


Andrea Bertamino

After almost ten years, Swiss band Deep Thought releases a full lenght cd with 72 minutes of music subdivided into nine songs, so you realize we're in front of a prog rock album with long instrumental passages performed by Marcel Oehler (gt), Dominik Pfleghaar (keyb), Martin Altenbach (dr), Domink Rudmann (bs) and Pat Merz (vc).

Musicians are technically of a very good level and fans of acts like Jadis, Pendragon and IQ in particular, but also those of Enchant (listen to "Morphios") and early Cairo, will find in this Deep Thought's release some rich sounds, changes of time and atmospheres like the above mentioned bands were good to do, with few heavier and psychotic inserts ("Changing The Rules").

In similar occasions, it's hard to describe the cd track by track, so many are the different faces of every tune, each of which with interesting elements raging from a refined instrumental passage to complex arrangements involving all of the instruments, but don't expect to find something like Dream Theater even if the boys know how to hadle their own instruments. I liked particurarly the keyboards solos which use "old" sounds, and a little old fashioned is the whole production looking to the past decades more than to nowadays.