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Martin Jones

Deep Thought are a 5 piece neo-progressive band from Switzerland which hold within it's ranks drums, vocals, guitar, bass and keys. This young band have been around since 1995, with this current line up from 1998. 9 track demo CD running time is 48 minutes long. What do you get for your money, Deep thought are complex in style, weaving keys, up mixed drums, strong vocals that fit well into the music, and leading guitars. The complex approach to the songs, and how they are played (the band claim to be more of a live band) leaves you looking further into each track the more you listen to them. These 9 tracks are split between shorter tracks like Grave, Anything you want (an aggressively played love song), and Gone, to longer more worked out tracks Silent four and title track Morphios. Silent four, has anything a progressive rock follower would want, starting slowly and building more and more as you get further into the track. This band have taken very much the European approach on progressive rock, never straying very far from the path.

If I had to pick faults with the CD it's very much in the production, you do get the "demo feel" to it, but as the band did this themselves, that's not so much of a crime. As I type this the band are putting the final touches to a new CD which should be ready anyway now (I shall look out for this). If you enjoy the complex sound of modern styled progressive rock then a worthy visit to the bands web site, should see you able to get copy's of both CD's.

File under: Bands to watch and see how they grow.